Honors World History

Honors World History (9th Grade)

Mr. Andrew Bagwell

Ancient Civilization PSA

This was a mini project where we were tasked to choose from one of a few options and create something that would inform viewers of why an ancient civilization failed. I choose the PSA option, were I needed to create a short, 2-3 minute video that would “warn” an Ancient Mesopotamia city-state that they were about to collapse.

I used Microsoft Photos’ project creator to create the video and a text-to-speech generator to make the robotic narration. I had so much fun with this one, especially because I loved the result and enjoyed the process.

Ancient Civilization Digital Story

Unit 1 Map Review

This was a map I created to study for our Unit 1 Test. It shows the global location of each of the ancient civilizations that we studied during the unit. I was able to share this with other students and it really helped to be able to see them all together on one map.