Math 3 Unit 6 – Equations of Circles

Part 1

I believe the most important thing I learned in this unit is how to write the equation of a circle. This will be useful as I have never had a method to plot a circle onto a coordinate plane, allowing comparisons to lines and other equations on a physical space.

The activity that definitely explained how the equation of a circle worked is the circle we constructed using the right triangles. The moment I visualized how the paper would look like with all the triangles on it, I understood how the concept worked. This was a very creative way to show this idea.

Part 2 – Castlerigg Stone Circle Project

An interesting fact I learned about Castlerigg (and one of the reasons I choose this circle) is that this stone circle predates infamous Stonehenge by 2 centuries. As for mathematics, I learned how to convert degrees to physical distance. Once Mrs. Parker explained how the minutes and seconds worked, I finally understood why they were called minutes and seconds; they were on a 60 scale.

But the hardest part of this project was the video; it required dozens of videos and images to compile into a 6 minute video. Then after hours of work on putting the video together, I needed to cite all 38 links. But with planning and time management we were able to complete all we needed on schedule, having eliminated other tasks to allow time to finish it all. But next time I would start grabbing plenty of images and videos from the very beginning and make sure we had all the content first; otherwise, we will have to re-render the video again and again with all the changes we had to make.

One thing that did turn out very well though was our poster; with experience from both my partner and I we were able to create a very attractive and clean poster design that accurately captured the theme of the stone circle.