Math 4 Unit 3: Polynomials

Factoring Quadratics

Completely factor x^2+6x+8

= (x+4)(x+2)

Factoring Quadratics II

Completely factor 3x^2+4x-7

= (3x+7)(x-1)

Factoring Quadratics III

Completely factor

= x^2(x-7) – 3(x-7)

= (x^2-3)(x-7)

Factoring Quartics

Completely factor 2x^4-28x^2+90

= 2(x^4-14x^2+45)

= 2(x^2-9)(x^2-5)

= 2(x+3)(x-3)(x^2-5)

Factoring/Solving Difference of Cubes

Solving Quartics

Completely factor.

= 2x^4-28x^2+90

= 2(x^4-14x^2+45)

= 2(x^2-9)(x^2-5)

= 2(x+3)(x-3)(x^2-5)

x=-3, 3, +-sqrt 5

Vertex Form

Rewrite in vertex form.

Graphing Polynomials

  • Determine the End Behavior based on the Leading Coefficient Test and write the end behavior of this polynomial in Limit Notation.
  • Find the zeros of the polynomial function
  • Find the y-intercept of the polynomial function
  • Graph the polynomial function.

Write a Polynomial with Roots

Find a polynomial function with the given zeros: 0, 2 mult 2

Long Division

Divide with Long Division

Synthetic Division

Divide with Synthetic Division

Rational Roots Theorem

Use the Rational Roots Theorem to find all possible roots and then solve.