Math 3 Unit 2 – Functions and their Inverses

The basic idea of inverse functions is mirroring equations by switching inputs and outputs.

I think this concept will be used later in math for changing the way functions are written and what purpose they are for. For example, a graph that has a price as the input and a number of cookies for it’s output is intended for finding out how many cookies you can get with x amount of dollars. But using inverses, we can change the equation so that its input is now cookies and its output is dollars. Now this function is for finding out how many dollars you must pay for x amount of cookies.

Additionally, this concept will be used to introduce logarithm functions thought the inverting of exponential functions.

Something I need to work on as I move on past this unit is having the patience to do some of the undemanding but very time consuming questions I encountered. They aren’t hard, but they are longer than the effortless questions I started to take for granted.

This GIF represents the idea of reflecting over the y=x line. Credit: