Honors World History – Belief and Politics Though Time Portfolio

Belief and Politics Though Time Portfolio

This collection of tasks focused on several countries and governments from all across history taught me 3 important things. The first was revolution in countries are heavily influenced by the status of the classes. If the middle class and rich classes are not behind any movement, a revolution may not create enough momentum to make a difference. If technologies like cheaper weapons are available, then the poor class can overcome wealth differences and successfully make a difference. Money and well being are major factors in changes like these.

The second is that democracy and stable governments are often difficult to achieve due to many different factors. Colonized states have it especially though; the lack of structure during its rule by a foreign power shows after they are left alone. A military heavily involved in the government can keep order but can also keep the people as a whole from holding power.

Finally, I learned that countries are heavily influenced by those around them. Once democracy stabilized in Britain others began to follow suit. Then within in a few centuries it had already spread to places like Africa and Asia. When the people see other people with power in their government, they want it too, like the French in the French Revolution. Peer pressure is real, even on this scale.

Something I could have improved on this project is the time frame I took to finish it. I went out of town in the middle of the project and did not finish it until a week or two after the due date. While I was given an extended period to finish it, ideally next time I would have finished it by the due date.

One thing I am proud of in this project was my video. After coming to Wake STEM I have done a few video PSAs and commercials, something I have never done before in my academic career. This is something I am trying to improve in, and I think I am making progress.