Math 4 Honors

Math 4 Honors (10th Grade)

Ms. Kristina Lupher

  • Math 4 Unit 1: Sequences and Series
    Recursive Sequence A sequence expressed in the form of an operation that is performed on the previous term of the sequence to find the next. To use … Read more
  • Math 4 Unit 2: Functions and Their Graphs
    Vocab Domain – the span of all the x-values of a function Range – the span of all the y-values of a function x-intercept(s) – the point(s) … Read more
  • Math 4 Unit 3: Polynomials
    Factoring Quadratics Completely factor x^2+6x+8 = (x+4)(x+2) Factoring Quadratics II Completely factor 3x^2+4x-7 = (3x+7)(x-1) Factoring Quadratics III Completely factor = x^2(x-7) – 3(x-7) = (x^2-3)(x-7) Factoring … Read more
  • Math 4 Unit 4: Rational Functions
    Graphing Rational Functions Identify the holes, intercepts, HA, VA, and SA, then graph. Multiplying Expressions Multiply and simplify. Dividing Expressions Divide and simplify. Adding Expressions Add and … Read more