Honors World History – State of Water (Grade Level Project)

State of Water (Grade Level Project)

I learned three important things from the History division of this project. First of all, I learned that many different people and companies in NC and all over the world influence water quality and supply. For example, our role, Real Estate Agents, can affect water in several ways, such as though construction, infrastructure design, etc.

The second was that it goes the other way around too. Many people and companies don’t just effect water, they are affected by it. For our role, Real Estate Developers are influenced by how valuable land is. And one factor that influences that is how clean water in the area is or how much there is. If the local water supply in an area is very polluted, people won’t want to live there. If there is little water, then costs will be very high, and again people won’t want to live there.

The last thing is that there are many different factors that effect water quality. Construction sites can lead to waste runoff; buildings can block runoff because of impervious surfaces, old pipes can introduce lead to water supply. That is why it is all the more important for all companies and people to be extra careful about that they do with water.

One thing my group and I could have improved on with our project would have been our presentation. When we explained our board to people, we did it separately, with each person talking to a person. Instead, we could have presented as a team, with each person discussing a few points at a time to combine our knowledge together.

One thing we did very well was our design. We created a very good looking trifold and poster, thanks to a teammate and me. We were able to use our strengths in this field to make ours look very nice.

The Grade Level Project is the largest project I have ever done as of this writing. It taught me a lot about water both here in NC as well as in other places in the world. But just as importantly, it taught me many things about doing projects and working with a team towards a grand goal.