Honors World History – Ancient Civilization Digital Story

Ancient Civilization Digital Story

In this project I learned three main ideas about Ancient China. First of all, I discovered that China had many different religions, part of it’s diverse culture as a whole. Some people were Buddhists. Others followed Taoism. But all these differences as well as other characteristics blended together to form a unique culture as a whole.

The second idea was that Ancient China was one of the most powerful and developed civilizations of its time. It had a complicated language based off of thousands of unique characters. There were many different technologies that developed, for both practical and recreational purposes, such as the lantern.

The third was that China was physically isolated from other civilizations in the Mesopotamia area. Thus, they were fundamentally separated, and developed totally independently from others. Their culture and rituals show this; while various civilizations in the Fertile Cresent and such intermingled and influenced each other over time, China remained isolated until centuries later. Even then, it was only Japan, Korea, and the few other countries in the area that they mingled with.

Something I would liked to have done better was understand the instructions in this project. My group and I missed several important requirements on the instructions and rubric and we lost points for that.

However, I am still proud of the design of our presentation. It looks very good and depicts our information in a clean and easy to read way. This is a skill I like and am constantly improving on.

There were many things I learned from this project. I found new information on China, but also discovered problems I need to fix as will my own strengths.