Math 3 Unit 1 – More Functions, More Features

Part 1

The most important thing I believe I learned this unit is how to graph a Piecewise Function. It was a totally new concept that I had never seen before. I think that this will be useful moving forward to create functions to visualize varied data.

The 4.1 Some of This, Some of That graph story was a great way to introduce the concept of a Piecewise Function.

The task was to label the graph as a story, then evaluate it. It was a sneak peek to the Piecewise Project (below) and the question underneath took the next step to pointing out that the graph could be dissected into a few different, simpler functions. After this, I understood the basics of this new concept, and all I needed to know was the details.

Part 2 – Piecewise Function Project

My favorite part of this project was being able to create any story I wanted with any functions. That ability to decide was very nice.

The hardest part of the project was all the evaluation. I had to find domains, ranges, 6 relative maximums and 6 relative minimums, catalog all the information, then put them all in my presentation. It was not hard in the terms of difficulty, but it was very time consuming. I made sure to do as much work as possible before the due date approached but it was still draining. I made it through though.

The part of the project that turned out the best was the design of the slides. I thought my presentation looked great; but I might be spending too much time on it. Next time I will try a minimalist design.

I would also plan out a day for me to just scrutinize the presentation and check every single point on the rubric. This time, I totally forgot to dress formally. I had too much going on my mind and I didn’t write it down. That is something I will not forget again. (I hope).

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